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MD Entrance Preparation Online Live Classes

A 1 Year Live online Classes for MD Entrance Prep from anywhere across Globe .
500 Hours Live online Tutoring + 500 Hours Video on demand Lectures
50+ Full Scale Online Mock tests with 300 hours Video Discussion
50+ Subject tests with 200 hours Video Discussion
A complete Power Package for Self Prep for MD Entrance

Only for Rs 30000 only Sign Up
Free Registration
Free Registration for 7 days
MD Entrance Full Scale Mock tests + Subject Tests
30 Full Scale Mock tests NEETPG Pattern 30 Subject tests NEETPG Pattern Live online Interactive Discussion Video Library of Completed sessions
Only for Rs 8000 only Sign Up
MD Entrance Subject Tests
30 Subject Tests with Live online interactive discussion Archived Video Library of completed Test Discussions
Rs 5000 only Sign Up
MD Entrance Full Scale Mock tests
30 Full Scale Mock tests of 240 MCQ Pattern for NEETPG Live online interactive Video Discussion oF paper Archived Video Sessions of completed discussions
Rs 5000 only Sign Up

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